What happens first?

The first step we take is defining your needs, then analyzing the current situation—your current property. Following that, we tailor a preliminary design solution to meet both the client’s requirements and the client’s budget and schedule.

How long does it take to get measurements for my home?

Depending upon the complexity and type of project, measurements may take as little as one day as opposed to a week.

When can I expect the renderings?

Renderings are given to a client at a point and time when the design is finalized. It is really more a question of how long does it take to come to an agreeable design? We typically give the client “three bites at the apple,” in terms of our fee structure, to determine a schematic design. Thereafter, we produce a rendering that is incorporated into that fee. We go through a front process of together creating the schematic design with three iterations of it. Basically, we go through a design process where we know the client likes the design before we do renderings.

What if I don’t like the renderings or want to make changes?

That’s why we go through the schematic design phase upfront—before we produce renderings. Typically, our schematic designs provide enough plans and elevations in detail so that the client can be fairly comfortable with an idea that brings them to an understanding of what the final design will look like. All the rendering does is add more art, more realism to it. The point of doing the rendering in that fashion is to eliminate any surprises.

On average, how long does the entire process take?

That is a function of the level of service. Typically, we can produce a set of documents in as little as a month. The more complex, the more time it takes. That is driven by the number of client meetings and reviews and the level of detail inherent in the project.